Drive for Freedom Taxi Philadelphia

  • Are you self-motivated and driven to succeed?
  • Do you like working with the public?
  • Are you trained to perform public service transportation?
  • Always wanted your own business? Now’s your chance!

As a Freedom Taxi driver, your earning potential is limitless!

Freedom Taxi uses the most technologically-advanced GPS-based system to dispatch trips in the fairest and most efficient way possible.

What It Takes To Be A Freedom Taxi Independent Contractor Driver:

  • Are you a safe driver?
  • Do you have a good driving record? (No DUI or multiple infractions)
  • Have you had any chargeable accidents in the last three years?
  • Are you at least 23 years of age?
  • Do you have a working knowledge of the English language?
  • Are you committed to succeed in business as an independent contractor?

Benefits Of Driving With Freedom Taxi:

  • Operate as an independent contractor; be your own boss.
  • Arrange your own schedule with unlimited earning potential.
  • Receive free orientation and professional training based on PPA safety standards and regulations.
  • Enjoy choosing among flexible shifts, given Freedom Taxi’s 24/7 operation.
  • Begin your career as an entrepreneur, become an owner operator and build your
    business by developing your own clients.


Give us a call at (215)395-8558