Freedom Taxi Philadelphia Business Services

The Freedom Taxi Corporate Card allows companies and account holders the Freedom to order, pay and audit their transportation seamlessly and without the clutter of paper vouchers and receipts. Through Freedom’s state of the art enterprise solution we provide the life cycle of a taxi fare at the click of a button making your ride more efficient from the time you order to the time you pay, saving your staff time and money!

Guidelines or limits of card usage may be set within your organization.

Some examples include:

  • Priority status when booking over the phone, online or through our app
  • Restrict number of rides
  • Restrict amount of fare to be charged
  • Specify amount of tip to be charged
  • Limit use to specific days or hours

Make your ride COUNT. As a corporate account holder you have the ability to designate and co brand your card with a charity of your choice*. Through your own permissions and guidelines you may allocate and donate a percentage of your transportation to a charity of your choice.


* Subject to third party approval and agreement