January 14th, 2015

Mystery Rider Tips Taxi Driver $989.98 In Philadelphia

Over the holidays a taxi driver for Freedom Taxi in Philadelphia was shocked and overjoyed to receive a $989.98 tip on a taxi cab ride that lasted less than 2 minutes.

Taxi driver Mr. Maiga was working the late shift when the generous mystery rider flagged down his taxi and asked how he was doing and if he was having a rough night. Mr. Maiga responded that things were OK but the night was a little hectic. After that the rider told him that he would take care of him when they arrived at the destination.

Upon arriving at the destination the rider gave Mr. Maiga his unexpected holiday surprise – a $989.98 tip. Mr. Maiga was shocked by the tip and asked repeatedly why he had tipped so much and if he realized how much he had tipped. The mystery rider told Mr. Maiga that he appreciated how professional he and his cab were and that he wanted to give him the enormous tip before wishing him a good night.


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